• Track

    The New England Velodrome is a 318 meter track with 14-degree banked turns. Click here to see what a lap around the track is like.

    Click here to watch a Category D (intro) Keirin race

    FOR TRACK TRAINING/RACING DATES & TIMES, please go to the track schedule page.


    • Riders with no previous track experience are required to attend 1 new rider training class provided by our team of coaches. Information on class is located under the program page.
    • Riding is done on fixed gear bikes with no brakes. (Bikes are available for rent at the track)
    • Helmets must be worn at all times when riding, including during warm-ups.


    Riding takes place in a counter-clockwise direction.

    Pole Line
    Is the yellow line at the bottom of the track where the distance measurement is taken. Riders are not to ride below this line.

    Sprinters Line
    On our track the Sprinters line is white in color and is found 90 centimeters (3 feet) above the pole line. When a rider is in this area, he may not be overtaken underneath, on the left. Riders wanting to pass must come over the top to the right.

    Stayer’s Line
    The Stayer’s line in blue in color and is named for the vehicle used in the motor pace event common in Europe. The line is located half way up the track and is the highest line on the track. The line is used as a guide to riding zones. Above this line, riders are expected to ride more slowly unless a race is actually taking place.

    200 Meter Line
    A blue line that comes down the track placed 200 meters before the finish line. On our track it is located coming out of turn 2. While the purpose of this line is officially for Sprint timing only, riders are constantly aware of it as part of their strategy.

    GLOSSARY Below you will find some common track cycling terms and their definitions.

    Boxed In – Unable to execute race strategy because there is no way to move out of the middle of the group.

    Chop / Hook – A Chop is abrupt move down track which cuts off another rider. A Hook is an abrupt move up the track that cuts off another rider. Both are illegal moves that impede the forward progress of another rider and are done as a threat or intimidation. The rider who does it can be disqualified. In a points race, a move like this can take down the whole field.

    Door – A space a rider can move into. Shut the door ,” means coming down in front of another rider after you have pasted them. You have closed the door for them to move forward without having to come over the top around you.

    Drafting – Riding behind another rider who breaks the wind for the rider behind in order to save energy.

    Over the top – Pass other riders on upper right side of the track.

    Pace line - A line of riders all going at the same speed on the bottom of the track warming up for competition. They are usually single file and the leader changes regularly, usually every lap or half lap.

    Slipstream - area of reduced wind resistance behind a rider. The lead rider pushes the air out of the way shielding the second rider and others down the line.

    Track Stand – Balancing in one place on a bicycle; this is often seen in Match Sprints in order to unnerve the competition and/or force the rear rider to the front. The USCF rulebook now sets a limit on track stands to 3 minutes .