• Safety & Etiquette


    • Riders with no previous track experience are required to attend 1 new rider training class provided by our team of coaches. Information on class is located under the program page.
    • Riding is done on fixed gear bikes with no brakes. (Bikes are available for rent at the track)
    • Helmets must be worn at all times when riding, including during warm-ups.


    Riding takes place in a counter-clockwise direction.

    Pole Line
    Is the yellow line at the bottom of the track where the distance measurement is taken. Riders are not to ride below this line.

    Sprinters Line
    On our track the Sprinters line is white in color and is found 90 centimeters (3 feet) above the pole line. When a rider is in this area, he may not be overtaken underneath, on the left. Riders wanting to pass must come over the top to the right.

    Stayer’s Line
    The Stayer’s line in blue in color and is named for the vehicle used in the motor pace event common in Europe. The line is located half way up the track and is the highest line on the track. The line is used as a guide to riding zones. Above this line, riders are expected to ride more slowly unless a race is actually taking place.

    200 Meter Line
    A blue line that comes down the track placed 200 meters before the finish line. On our track it is located coming out of turn 2. While the purpose of this line is officially for Sprint timing only, riders are constantly aware of it as part of their strategy.

    TRACK SAFETY & ETIQUETTE (Management will enforce a NO TOLERANCE policy regarding all issues).

    • Safety is our first priority, always ride as if others have the right of way
    • Faster riders are responsible for passing safely, slower riders are responsible for riding a straight line
    • Turn your head in the direction you want to move, glance back as you gradually move up or down the track, paying attention to where you are going and over-taking traffic at the same time. Do not rely wholly on your peripheral vision.
    • As you approach a slower rider with their heads turned in the direction you want to pass, sound-off with the command “STICK", " STAY”, or “HOLD” in order to keep the slower rider from moving into your passing lane.
    • If you hear “STICK”, “STAY” or “HOLD”; Correct your line and RIDE STRAIGHT (PARALLEL TO THE POLE LINE).
    • Always look before crossing the track, and NEVER cross the track while a race is in progress.
    • Do not use profanity, racist, anti-Semitic or similar language while at the track.