• 08 Apr 2009 /  Blog

    After listening to our membership, we are pleased to announce the formation of the New England Velodrome and Cycling Park Riding Club/Racing Team .  The team will foster all types of riding and racing by bringing together riders who share a passion for bicycles, riding and racing.

    With the New England Velodrome and Cycling Park as our home base and support system, the Team will provide all riders with the experience and benefit of having teammates and the camaraderie that comes along with being part of a team.   Our team will share information with all riders using group training rides, club meetings, and cycling  lectures and demonstrations.  Our members will have the chance to ride and race around New England and beyond as part of a team.

    Adult Team memberships includes:

    1 Team short sleeve jersey (seen below)

    1 Team bib shorts (seen below)

    $5 OFF all racing events

    $50 OFF annual park pass ( $350.00 member,  $400. Non-member)

    $2 OFF training sessions

    2 free track training passes (can be transferred to friends or family)

    and Teammates!

    Club membership price is $150.00 annually, $158.00 with socks.  Memberships now being accepted!!!

    For sizing information visit Verge Sports’ sizing link HERE

    Memberships can be purchased at the Cycling Park or send your sizing information and check made payable to:  New England Velodrome & Cycling Park, PO Box 552 New Boston, NH 03070.

    For more information contact Tony Eberhardt at tony@nevelodrome.com or (603)566-0230


    Season Park Pass includes all 2009 track, time trial, cyclocross and bmx events (excluding the New England Track Championships , Velocross Challenge and bmx regional race, and special clinics)

    Season Park Pass price:

    Team member Pricing = $350.00 per adult, $150. for 1st child, $100. for 2nd child, $50 each additional child

    (Child < age 18)

    Non-members Pricing =$400.00 per adult, $200. for 1st child, $150. for 2nd child, $100 each additional child

    College pass =$300.00 per person (must show valid college id)

    Adult Club membership ($150.00) + Annual Park Pass ($350.00) = $500.00 total

    Memberships are now being accepted!!!


    Separate NEV&CP clothing cost

    $65- short sleeve jersey

    $75- bib shorts

    $120- short sleeve skin suit

    $8- socks

    More clothing coming this Summer!

    Please contact Patrick Goguen at patrick@nevelodrome.com or (774)-573-3580 to reserve your clothing order.

    Below are the tentative kit designs for the NEV&CP racing team.  The correct colors (brighter green, no orange)  and additional sponsors will be added.

  • 10 Mar 2009 /  Blog

    We have posted some tentative changes/updates to the 2009 schedule here and on the Track schedule page.  Your feed back is appreciated.

    2009 Velodrome Racing Schedule   (Tentative)

    We have 12 USAC sanctioned events scheduled for 2009, including a 2 day weekend NE Regional Track Championships event.

    We are looking to offer a Madison Clinic in May that will kicking off our USAC sanctioned 4 race Madison series.  We will also be having a USAC sanctioned 3 race Kieren series, and the USAC 3 race omnium series.

    We are adding an advanced junior track program one hour before racing on Tuesday nights.  We are also adding new racing categories to both nights, "beginner juniors and women" will race on Tuesdays along with
    the "C" and "D", and "Elite Masters" will race on Wednesdays along with the "A" and "B".  Elite/advanced women on Wednesday night.  Women also have the option to race in the men’s field.

    On Saturdays we will continue with our weekend race series including the Summer sprint series.  Events will be USAC sanctioned.

    All riders will now have the opportunity to upgrade their track category, we will be requiring all riders who wish to race on Wednesday in either "A", "B" or "Elite Masters" categories to send in a track resume or if
    they are a cat 2 on the road send in a copy of their USAC license to tony@nevelodrome.com to receive their cat 3 track upgrade.

    D = cat 5
    C = cat 4/5
    B = cat 3/4
    A = cat 1/2/3
    Junior/Women = cat 5 men, cat 4 women.
    Elite Masters = cat 1/2/3/4

    We are also putting together a 9 mile road time trial course that will run at 6:30PM on Thursday nights.  It will begin from a starting ramp in the track parking lot and will roll along nicely paved flat/rolling loop on a few roads around the cycling park.

  • 12 Feb 2009 /  Blog

    With the weather getting warmer, we are thinking about clearing off the track in the next week or so.  Is there interest in having the track cleared and ready to ride by March 1st?  Any thoughts on training times or other thoughts regarding what should happen before the season begins?  We are here for you so let us know what you think.  Thanks!

  • 05 Dec 2008 /  Blog

    There has been some interest in modifying our cyclo-cross course to allow for short track mountain bike racing.  Does anyone have any information on short track mountain bike racing?  What type of changes would we have to make? Also when would be the best time to run a short track series?  We also want to know if anyone is interested in helping us to get this going.  Looking for input from anyone interested.  Thanks Tony

  • 19 Nov 2008 /  Blog

    Is there an interest for us to hold early season (March/April)  weekly motor pacing  sessions on either road or track bikes?  Also several people have expressed interest in a Spring short track mountain bike series.  Just looking for feedback from anyone interested.

  • 15 Nov 2008 /  Blog

    We are presently putting together a cycling kit for the 2009 season.  We are also thinking about starting a  track team so we can have a stronger presence at other tracks.  Any thoughts?

  • 30 Oct 2008 /  Blog

    The Saturday velodrome racing program and the Wednesday night cyclo-cross series have now officially ended for the season.  The track is still available to be opened per request until it snows and there are a few Sunday cyclo-cross training races left to go.   Is there any interest in having Sunday cyclocross training races until Nationals?  Also, our staff is now preparing for the up coming seasons and we are interested in what ideas you have concerning our facility, the programs and our racing schedules.  Please give us your thoughts.   Thanks to everyone who made this a very successful season.