Hello all!

22 09 2007

Welcome to New England Velodrome and Cycling Park Blog!

Here you will find all the info about our facility, programs, and future plans. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas are appreciated.

Race day cancellations will be posted on the web site by 3:00PM, if further information is needed call Tony @ 603-566-0230.

This blog is being used as an informational site as well as a blog while our new web site is being created. In an attempt to keep everyone up to date with the latest news regarding our facility and our plans for the future, we will be posting pertinent information on this site. We encourage everyone to use this blog to: express your thoughts regarding what you want to see happen at our track, to share cycling related info and to help spread the word about our programs. Your comments will help us build the type of facility that you want. If there is anything I can assist you with, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Tony Eberhardt, Director

New England Velodrome and Cycling Park, LLC



5 responses to “Hello all!”

12 03 2008
jeremy dunn (04:30:47) :

This is great, lets keep it going so that everyone can have as much fun on the track as I did the past two years!!!
jeremy dunn

7 04 2008
Richie Norford (18:16:22) :

Hello everybody.
Sorry I couldn’t make it this weekend for the work party. I’ll try to make the next round.
Great news that the track is bikes only now.
No stopping us now!

1 05 2008
Carter Brown (14:06:59) :

Excellent looking site Tony. Got the e-mail about opening day. You can count me in. See you there.


16 05 2008
mark (16:38:11) :

It would be nice if you included some pictures of the track and some of the families, it would encourage more to come out and see your facility and want to become a part of a regular cycling team.

28 05 2008
Phil (15:52:04) :

For those who rolled the dice and came out on opening day - thanks! As you probably know severe t-storms were in the forecast but those who showed were treated to a dry track with burgers and chicken on the grill after racing. The Cambridge bicycle clan were out in force last night both on and off the track. A beautiful poster commemorating opening night will be available through them- a true work of art!

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