Final Sunday Omnium - 2023

Points Race - Dave bridges to the break

Today was our last Sunday Omnium of 2023. Alan was away so we split the duties of officiating, with a different person running each race and riding the rest.

ScratchWolf Bartz12-
Belgian Win-And-Out[1]Mike Lovell94 sprints.
EliminationMark Lamourine-
Points RaceEd Kross,
Maggie Marynowski
244 sprints.
Race Line-up

One aspect of having 4 officials is that sometimes no one remembers to take a photo of the results sheet. (Except Wolf who had video of the scratch finish). So I have partial results that I remember. I’ll fill in the rest later

The view from the booth

There were also some pick-up sprints after that but I had to leave so I missed them.

Wolf BartzOfficial87
Jeff Proctor999
Mark Lamourine62Official
David Lafond465
Rich Fulton838
Mike Lovell7Official3
Mike Tobin251
Sam Corner576
Ed Kross344Official
Alex Warner112
Race Results
I’ll add Points when I get it

We still have two more days of racing, on Tue 29-Aug and Thu 31-Aug. Next week we’ll need help loading out the container and moving the contents to winter storage.

[1] Belgian Win-And-Out: In this race, the first sprint is with 6 laps to go. The winner of that sprint gets 4th place and does not need to continue. The group goes on and the next sprint is at 4 to go. That is for 3rd place. Again, that rider can drop out. At 2 laps to go the sprint is for 2nd place in the race. Everyone remaining is sprinting on the final lap. The winner gets 1st place and the rest are sprinting for 5th down. This introduces tactics for people who don’t think they can win the final, but can choose which place to sprint for. The risk is that, if you miss it, you are stuck out front and have to continue. For fast riders the risk is that the final sprint is all-or-nothing.

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