Opening Weekend Training and Racing

Thanks to some very hard work by a small group of volunteers last weekend (Thanks Jeff, Joe and Ed!), we are now ready to hold events! We will have structured training with Coach Kolie on Saturday starting at 10 AM, gates open at 9 AM.

After training we’ll be doing some more grounds cleanup - please consider coming and helping out as we need Community involvement to keep Northeast Velodrome going. We’ll need basic yard maintenance tools (rakes, mowers, weed trimmers etc) to clear out leaves and brush and mow around the infield and parking areas.

Sunday we’ll be holding our first Omnium with 500 m and 2 km pursuits and a Scratch and Points race. This is the same race format that will be at Northeast Regionals in T-Town on May 11-12 so folks can get ready for that event. Racing starts at 10 AM, gates open at 9 AM.

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