Mass Start 5/17/22

Omnium 5/15/22

Match Sprints 5/12/22

200m Times
Jim Murphy – 14.00 (2 seed)
Chris Watt – 13.47 (1 seed)
Jarec Rondeau – 15.11 (3 seed)
Kevin Landry – 15.52 (4 seed)

Sprints Round 1
(2) Jim Murphy d. (3) Jarec Rondeau – 14.72
(1) Chris Watt d. (4) Kevin Landry – 14.80

Sprints Round 2
(2) Jim Murphy d. (4) Kevin Landry – 14.32
(1) Chris Watt d. (3) Jarec Rondeau – 13.52

Sprints Round 3
(4) Kevin Landry d. (3) Jarec Rondeau – 16.58
(1) Chris Watt d. (2) Jim Murphy – 16.10

Mass Start Racing 5/10/22

Omnium 5/8/22

Omnium 9/1/19

Official: Katherine Snell

Snowball Tempo
Points Race
Score Card
Joe BoucherB8/-7/-8/-8/-8
Jeff WalshB1/74/23/33/3153
Gerry EspesitoB4/25/17/-6/-36
Mark LamourineB3/32/56/-7/-194
David LafondB6/-3/34/25/1175
Scott WIlsonB2/58/-2/51/71162
Greta GygmontB7/-6/-5/14/236
Scott LovejoyB5/11/71/72/5201
Chris WattA1/71/72/52/5241
Ryan MullenA3/33/31/71/7202
Kellen KleinfelterA4/24/24/23/32114
Mike LovellA6/-6/-6/-6/-226
Mike TobinA2/52/53/34/2153
Richard FultonA5/15/15/15/145

Mass Start (Mostly) 8/20/19

Official: Mark Lamourine

NameScratch2K TTUnknown Distance (x3)Points
PlaceTIme/PlacePlace (overall)Place
David Holmander73:35:19 – 6
Ed Kross33:20:09 – 535
Kellen Klienfelter22:50:09 – 122
Greta Zygmont46
Joe Ackerman12:57:18 – 251
Mike Lovell63:09:17 – 313
Scott Wilson574
Mark*3:12:39 – 4

Unknown Distance x3 = Unknown distance, 2 intermediate sprints.

Omnium 8/18/19

Official: Katherine Snell

NameGroupScratchEliminationUnknown DistancePointsOmnium
Richard FultonB31121
Kelly McDougallB8788
Mark LamourineB43644
Gerry EspisitoB56556
Ed CrossB15212
Greta ZygmontB7877
David LefondB64365
Carry PartillB22433
Chris WattA15443
Kellen KleinfelterA3255
Bruce DiehlA23111
Mike TobinA41222
Mike LovellA5433

Omnium 8/11/19

Official: Ed Kross, Mark Lamourine, Jeff Walsh

Zack MeszoelyB11111
Jim MurphyB3633
Greta ZygmontB546
Gerry EspisitoB43344
Pearse MartinB22522
Ryan TombB3255
Mark KeyA23211
Joe AckermanA5134
Eric BrownA12322
Mike LovellA576
Ryan MullenA31443
Kellen KleinfelterA44755
Mike TobinA667

Timed Events 8/01/19

Official: Katherine Snell

Name2KM1KM500M200M Flying Start
Jeff Walsh3:03.361:28.650:45.060:15.43
Barry Strasnick3:10.461:35.070:49.50
Joe Boucher3:49.321:52.410:56.960:17.34
Mark Lamourine3:03.481:33.31046.690:15.59

Mass Start Racing 7/30/19

Official: John Laupheimer

ScratchUnknown Distance
(sprint x2, final)
“Upside Down”
EliminationPoints Race
Kevin Picard11311
Mike Lovell22122
Mark Lamourine3232
Scott Wilson3444
Greta Zygmont44

[1] Upside Down Tempo is a format John created from his head on the spot. The winner of each lap sprint must cross the finish line in last place on the next sprint to be eligible to contest any later sprints.

Timed Events 7/25/19

NameAge2 km Pursuit1 km Pursuit500 m TTFlying 200 m
Jeff Walsh03:04.401:32.048.0416.38
Joe Boucher03:50.401:52.055.08
Ted Delaney03:03.744.82
Mark Lamourine03:06.801:31.547.5016.39
Kurt Schmid02:45.601:20.441.3713.67

Mass Start 7/23/19

NameSratchEliminationPoints RaceSprintTotal
Mike Lovell422517114
Mike Tobin33173313
Kellen Kleinfelter173325315
Scott Wilson51515143
Ed Kross25424229
Points total is for mass start only

Mass Start 6/11/19

NameScratch RaceUnknown DistanceMiss and OutPoints RaceTotalOverall
Joe Ackerman7777281
Kellen Kleinfelter2555172
Mike Lovell533113
Ed Kross3232104
Mark Lamourine11135
Isaac St-Martin226
Scott Wilson117

Timed Events 6/6/19

NameAge2 km Pursuit1 km Pursuit500 m TTFlying 200 m
Jeff Walsh03:06.001:32.547.4420.91
Barry Strasnick03:14.601:37.9
Richard Cullen02:50.343.2814.61
Ted Delaney03:05.344.82
Mark Lamourine03:13.401:32.146.1115.69
Kurt Schmid02:47.401:20.340.5213.82
Kaia Schmid02:54.901:22.942.3714.65

Timed Events 5/30/19

NameAge2 km Pursuit1 km Pursuit500 m TTFlying 200 m
Jeff Proctor04:28.802:09.101:01.420.91
Barry Strasnick03:17.101:39.0
Ed Kross03:14.301:31.044.515.9
Richard Cullen02:51.901:24.244.5614.99
Ted Delaney03:01.344.1215.77
Mark Lamourine03:08.601:33.547.5616.06

Timed Events 5/16/19

Timed Events16-May-19
NameAge2 km Pursuit1 km Pursuit500 m TTFlying 200 m
Eric Brown02:47.101:20.241.0514.35
Jeff Walsh03:14.801:35.048.1616.72
Ed Kross03:18.501:33.644.815.39

Timed Events: 8/16/18

Jerry E03:15.87
Eric Brown02:55.51
Bob Prendergast03:33.72
Joe Bouchen03:34.92
Jerry E01:34.78
Eric Brown1:24.72
Bob Prendergast01:46.31
Joe Bouchen01:46.77
Jerry E00:48.95
Eric Brown00:41.91
Bob Prendergast00:53.72
Joe Bouchen00:56.27
Jerry E00:16.68
Eric Brown00:14.55
Bob Prendergast00:17.90
Joe Bouchen00:18.69

Omnium 7/23/17

Congratulations to Chris Watt for winning the “A” Omnium and Ed Dishong for winning the “B” Omnium. Winners received crowlers from the Backyard Brewery. Updated results at:

Timed Events 7/13/17


Timed Events 7/7/17


Sunday Ominium 6/18/17

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